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It is the place where pilgrims can first of all join the "Universal Confraternity of Our Lady of Castelmonte" or make contact with the sanctuary for various needs (holy masses), for the organization of pilgrimages, wedding anniversaries and for the various needs and information which they need.
The entrance is halfway up the steps leading to the sanctuary church.

Office hours: 8:30 - 12:00 / 14:30 - 18:00

Various services

Meeting rooms
The welcoming of pilgrims is one of the most important commitments of the sanctuary. Groups wishing to have a meeting room can find a suitable place in the S. Francesco room (30/40 people) and in the Rosary room (70/80 people).

Village chapel
A chapel located along the alley, which crosses the village and leads to the sanctuary, hosts all the groups who wish to experience their own moment of prayer and silence.

An elevator is in operation at the sanctuary (northeast side) every day. It is reserved for those who cannot climb on foot.

The large car park at the foot of the village allows everyone to find a place to stop, both for cars and coaches.


In the village of Castelmonte there are two religious and gift shops for those who want an image of the Madonna of Castelmonte to bring to their loved ones or for any souvenir of the trip.

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